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Written By Alex Giles & Kaleigh Wilkie-Smith

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FALL 2023

The Tale of Ichabod Scrubb
January 22nd- February 4th
The Blood Moon Theatre at World Bar
The Tale of Ichabod Scrubb is an immersive theatrical adventure animated by music and puppetry. Not for children or the faint at heart.

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Book, Music & Lyrics by

Alex Giles
Kaleigh Wilkie-Smith

The tale of Ichabod Scrubb

Ichabod loses his sister, and on the journey to find her, Faces his biggest fear - water.

Assisted by an senile knight who refuses to take off his armour, an all knowing barge captain and a bucket-wielding water-thief, Ichabod  traverses swamps, ravines and crosses bridges and cities  in his quest for his sister. The tale follows  Ichabod's journey to find what he's really looking for - love, hope and above all, courage.

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